The School currently has an Administrator, three highly qualified Vedic Teachers, two additional tutors for English, Maths and Sanskrit and a student body strength of about 30 students. It is like any organized school with classrooms, a prayer hall and other amenities. There is a prescribed course material and the duration of each school day is approximately 13 hours. Classes commence at 6 AM and end at 7 PM with an hour's break for breakfast, an hour for lunch and a resting period of an hour. Full moon day, new moon day and the day preceding and succeeding those days (3 days in a fortnight) are off-days for the school and no new lessons are taught on those days. The students are required to review the lessons already taught to them during these off days.



Brahmashri S.GIRIDHARAN , a Ghanapati in the Krishna Yajur Veda (Thaithreeya Sakha) Pandit in our Institution.


BRAHMASHRI D SAI KRISHNA , RIGVEDA BHASHYAM (B.A) also a Rigveda (Shakala shakha) Pandit in our Institution.


Brahmashri Dr.B NIRMALA DARAHAAS, a Ghanapati in Sukla Yajur Veda (Kanva Sakha) Pandit in our Institution.




At the patasala, students are taught the Vedas from its basic level to Krama in a span of eight years. At this stage, they are conferred the title “ Kramapaati ”.

Those Kramapaatis who opt for advanced studies are taught “Jata” and “Ghanam” for a further period of two years and they are conferred the title “Ghanapaati”.

Such Ghanapaatis can pursue a more advanced course in the Vedas, outside our institution such as shadangam, Salakshnam, Ashta Brahmanam and veda Bhashyam etc., as they desire.

We give free boarding to all the students in our patasala. Apart from that we provide 2 pairs of dress every year free of cost to every student & staff and also to and fro fare to their home once in a year during annual holidays. Over and above all these, on succcessful completion of Krama course each out going student (Kramapadi) is given a certificate as Veda Vibushan and a lumpsum of arround Rs. 90,000/- as stipend by MAHARSHI SANDIPANI RASHTRIYA VEDA VIDYA PRATISHTHAN, Govt of India Ujjain.

In our institution, we impart fastidious training to students to retain the original sounds of the Vedic Verses.

The Syllabus for Krama Course is as follows:





(Thaithreeya Shakha)

(Kanva Sakha)

(Shakala Sakha)

1st  Year

Aksharaprayasam & Brahmanam (Arunam)

Aksharaprayasam, Brahma Yagnyam & Samhitha 1st Dashakam (1 to 4)

Aksharaprayasam & 1st Ashtakam Part

2nd Year

Brahmanam (1st & 2nd Ashtakam)

Samhitha 1st Dashakam (5 to 10) & Pratishakya  - 1

Samhitha (Ashtakam 1st and 2nd)

3rd  Year

Brahmanam (2nd & 3rd Ashtakam), Katakam & Arunam

Samhitha 2nd Dashakam (1 to 6) & Upanishat – 1 and Pratishakya - 2

Samhitha (Ashtakam 3rd and 4th Part)

4th  Year

Samhitha (1st to 4th Kandam)

Samhitha 3rd Dashakam (1 to 6) & Upanishat -  2  and Pratishakya  - 3

Samhitha (Ashtakam 4th and 5th)

5th  Year

Samhitha (4th to 6th Kandam)

Samhitha 3rd Dashakam (7 to 10) & Upanishat  - 3 and Pratishakya  - 4

Samhitha (Ashtakam 6th and 7th Part)

6th  Year

Samhitha (7th Kandam) Padham (1 to 3 Kandams)

Samhitha 4th  Dashakam (1 to 10) & Upanishat  - 4 and Pratishakya  -  5

Samhitha (7th and 8th) & Padham (1st to 3rd Ashtakam)

7th  Year

Padham (4 to 6 Kandams)

Upanishat  - 5 and 6 and 4 and Pratishakya  -  6 – Kramam Poorthi

Padham (4th to 8th Ashtakams) & Kramam Part

8th  Year

Padham (7th  Kandam) Kramam Poorthi (1 to 7 Kandams)

Kramam Poorthi

The Syllabus for Jata and Ghanam Course for Yajur Veda is as follows:

9th Year

Jata Poorthi and Ghanam (1st and 3rd Kandams)

10th Year

Ghanam (4th to 7th Kandams) Poorthi

SNV Patasala, administered and run by Veda Sasthra Vidhya Trust is a registered institution under “Veda Patasala Scheme” by MSRVVP, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (an autonomous organization of the Ministry of HRD, Government of India).

The Syllabus for learning Vedas as prescribed by the MSRVVP and adopted in our Institution from the basic level to Samhithai will take a span of six years. To recognize the same under University level, the Pratishthan had applied with Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, a Deemed University which is under Ministry of HRD, New Delhi.

Under letter No : 9-2/RSKS/Acd/Misc/2009-2010/92 dated 23rd June, 2011 the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, a Deemed University, (Established under the Ministry of HRD) having its place at 56-57, Institutional Area, Janakpuri, New Dehli 110 058 has recognized the syllabus of Vedas as prescribed by MSRVVP and accordingly our students who have completed first four years will be recognized as “Veda Bhushan” which is equivalent to 10th Standard and students who have completed full six year course will be recognized as “Veda Vibhushan” which is equivalent to 12th Standard of high school curriculam.

Students are required to undergo periodical in-house tests and once every year they are examined by highly qualified Vedic Pandits from the Sringeri Mutt to ensure their recitation skills. At times His Holiness Himself conducts such tests. This is a unique feature of our Institution.

Evaluation is based on the following marks procured by the students in such tests.

98% and above First Class
Between 90% to 97% Second Class with warning for further improvement.
Below 90% The student is declared failed and demoted or removed from the school.

Five Ghanapaatis who have graduated from our school are considered to be among the best in South India, and are reckoned as experts to participate in advanced Vedic Programmes (Vedic Yagnas).

Apart from Vedic education, the school also teaches subjects like English, Sanskrit and Mathematics to instill confidence in students to face the needs of the modern society.

Typical Class Room

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