Income Tax Exemption under Section 80G

Veda Sasthra Vidhya Trust is registered under Section 12A (a) of the Income Tax Act with the Office of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Coimbatore under their Ref No : C.No. 1419(134)/95-96 dated 22-03-1996 and they have recognized our Trust as a Charitable Institution by issuing an order granting exemption to the donations given to our Trust, at the hands of the donors, under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

This order is periodically reviewed and renewed, the latest being the order issued by the Commissioner of Income Tax, Coimbatore under Ref No : 127 (644)CIT-1/CBE/07-08 dated 22-11-2007 by extending the period of exemption upto 31st March, 2011.

In the Meanwhile with the omission of the provision to Clause (vi) of sub section (5) of 80G with effect from 1st October, 2009 by the Finance (No.2) Act, 2009 since the 80G registration is valid as on 1st October 2009, then no further renewal is required and it is deemed to have been renewed perpetually.


Currently the school has three Vedic teachers and 30 students. The Trust spends around Rs.30,00,000/- per annum towards teachers' fees, boarding and lodging and other administrative expenses to run the Vedic institution. Thus it costs the trust around Rs.100,000/- per student every year.

In the long run, a noble institution like this should not be dependent on commercial organizations for its day-to-day survival. Hence the trust proposes to create a corpus of Rs.100 Million (i.e. US $ 2.5 Million) to make this Vedic institution self supporting and autonomous.

The objective is to increase the student body strength to 100 and the teaching faculty strength to 10 within the next few years, with the help of such a corpus fund.

Managing Trustee's Appeal (Excerpts from one of his speeches)

Om Sri Gurubyoh Namaha. Hari hi Om

The prime object of our institution is to impart Vedic education especially in Yajur Veda and Rig Veda.

I would like to quote the importance of the Vedas through a verse from the Srimad Bagavatham in the 4th skanda of chapter 21.

Lord Mahavishnu and Mahalakshmi themselves emerged from the body of Vena as Pritu and Archis. Pritu was the first emperor of this universe. It is He who established Dharma and what is called righteousness to the world in administration. He was Lord Mahavishnu Himself in His incarnation as emperor Pritu. After conducting a Satra Yagna in the banks of Yamuna, He addressed all the noble Vedic pandits who had assembled there and He said:

Srimad- Bhagavatam : IV-21-42: center Srimad- Bhagavatam : IV-21-43: center

He said addressing the learned Vedic pandits who had assembled there “May I have the opportunity to put on my head the dust of thy holy feet who study and recite the eternal and unblemished Vedas and practice austerity, purity in life, faith and restraint of speech, sense control and concentration to ascertain the true purpose of Vedas. In Vedas the whole world is reflected like a face in the mirror. Anyone who serves these Vedic pandits gets his sins washed away and he begets all virtues unsought for. Ho! noble scholars who have assembled here, may I find it possible to adorn on my head the dust of thy feet throughout my life.

The emperor Pritu, who was none other than Lord Mahavishnu Himself said that He wanted to adorn the dust of the feet of Vedic scholars on His head throughout His life.

So Friends, you can understand the importance of Vedic studies from this quotation. The present day generation in this world, which has the privilege of learning Arts and Science, will be doing a great injustice to our community and future generation if it fails to act on promoting and protecting the study of the Vedas. The wealth we may accumulate and bequeath to our descendants will in no way compensate the loss it will be causing, if proper support is not given to the study of Vedas.

Hence I appeal to everyone who believes in the preservation of our ancient scripts and tradition, to contribute towards this noble cause to their mite. It is manifest that chanting of the Vedas protects the world, rather protects the Universe, irrespective of caste or creed.

As Managing Trustee of this trust, I appeal to you all for your liberal and valuable contribution to promote the study of Vedas. The Lord said in Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna in the 15th chapter

Bhagavat Gita 15.15 center



Devotees can have Ayushya Homam performed on their birthday at the Patasala by giving their star and gothram particulars. The Ayushya Homam will be performed on that day and all the students in the Patasala will be fed with a Samarathana food on that day. The devotees can also participate in the function. The trust will charge a nominal sum of Rs.4,500/- (US$ 75) for an ayushya homam with samarathana food for all the students and Rs. 3000/- (US$ 50/-) for samarathana food only (with only a sangalpam & not Ayushya homam.

The trust invites contributions from the public in the following forms towards corpus and vedic studies:

1.One day samaradhana food for all the studentsRs.3,000/- (US $ 50)
2.Birthday Ayushya homam with samaradhana food for all the studentsRs.4,500/- (US $ 75)
3.Dress (Veshti) for all students and staff and an Ayushya homam with samaradhana food for all the studentsRs.25,000/-(US $ 400)
4.To support one Acharya's salary for one monthRs.40,000/Rs.30,000 (US$ 650 / US $ 500)
5.To support one student for one yearRs.1,00,000/- (US $ 1600)
6.Donations towards the corpusUnlimited amounts
At PALAKKAD Kerala to:At COIMBATORE, Tamilnadu to:

By Cheque or DD favouring "SNV PATASALA SAMRAKSHANA SAMITHI”, payable at Palakkad, Kerala and send it to SNV Patasala, Pallatheri, Palakkad 678 007, Kerala, INDIA

By Cheque or DD favouring “VEDA SASTHRA VIDHYA TRUST” Payable at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and send it to Veda Sasthra Vidhya Trust, 239, Alagesan Road, Coimbatore: 641011, Tamilnadu, INDIA



By Direct Remittance in CITY UNION BANK LTD, IFSC code CIUB0000126, SB A/c No:500101010458339, To the Credit of SNV PATASALA SAMRAKSHANA SAMITHI, Palakkad.

By Direct Remittance in CITY UNION BANK LTD, IFSC code CIUB 0000192, SB A/c No: 500101010228693, To the Credit of VEDA SASTHRA VIDHYA TRUST, Coimbatore.




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Savings Account

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AXIS Bank Ltd

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No. 204, Aathishree Towers, DB Road,RS Puram, Coimbatore – 641002

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6360567 – 9200008





It is the duty of everyone to protect the Propagation of Vedas. Today, we appeal to everyone to contribute their might and ensure that eternal blessings of the Almighty are showered on them and their families through this noble deed.

Once again we request you to kindly help us in our Venture to promote Sanathana Dharma.

Contributions to be sent by way of Crossed A/c Payee Cheque/Draft in the name "VEDA SASTHRA VIDHYA TRUST" Payable at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.