Sri Krishna Leelas

Talk of Lord Krishna, and the first thing to strike our mind will be the number of Leelas (divine plays) and cleverly-timed feats which would leave us spellbound when we hear them. Janamasthami marks one of the most celebrated avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are innumerable episodes in the entire lifetime of Krishna. Krishna’s birth is itself a delighting episode. Krishna Janamasthami is celebrated on ashtami (eighth day) of Shravan. We will see, few of the Krishna Leelas that will give an insight to the life of our very own Maakhan Chor!

Sri Krishna Leelas (1 of Many)

Krishna's birth, itself a godly-phenomenon
The story of Lord Krishna’s birth is itself a miraculous snippet. On the day when Kansa’s sister Devaki and Vasudeva married, there took place was an ‘Aaksahvani’ or ‘voice from the sky’ stating that the eighth son of the couple will kill the cruel Mathura ruler Kansa. That eighth son was to be Krishna. Kansa, in fear imprisons the couple under severe scanner. A night before Krishna is to be born, another voice tells Vasudeva to change their kid (Krishna) with a kid in Gokul (Nandlal and Yashoda’s son). The next night, when Krishna is born, chains and doors of the prisons break free by themselves and even the guards fell in deep slumber. When Vasudeva reaches a river, the flood-prone river makes way for Vasudeva and a seven-faced snake appears which covers the child. Vasudeva successfully exchanges the son, and brings the girl child back to the prison.

Sri Krishna Leelas (2 of Many)

Surprises Yashoda Maiyaa; Universe in Krishna’s mouth
Yashoda (mother of Krishna) used to consider Krishna as a child always. Once being sad for this thinking of her mom, Krishna plans to play a little trick with his mother. He intentionally gulps mud and makes sure it is visible on his lips. Yashoda, angry and worried over this antic, pleads Krishna to open his mouth. Krishna denies. Yashoda pleads repeatedly and Krishna relents. Just as when Krishna opens his mouth, Yashoda sees the whole universe in her son’s mouth. She immediately shuts Krishna's mouth and understand’s that it was just another Krishna Leela!

Sri Krishna Leelas (3 of Many)

Saviour of Gokul, lifts Govardhana Mountain on his little finger
In order to destroy the King of Heaven Indra's arrogance of power, Krishna requests Gokulwaasis (people of Gokul) to worship Govardhana Mountain instead of Indra. And as people start worshipping the mountain and not Indra, in his fury he makes sure that the Gokul region faces stringent floods. People turn towards Krishna to help them from their plight. In order to save them, Krishna picks up the Govardhan Mountain just on his little finger, while Gokulwaasis watch in surprise and shock equally.

Sri Krishna Leelas (4 of Many)

Dance with every Gopi, but himself with Radha
On a Sharad Purnima night, when Gopis in Gokul plead Krishna to sing and dance with every one of them, Krishna as usual had a trick up his sleeve. Krishna doesn’t decline their request and what he did then was delightful. Krishna incarnates himself in as many numbers as they were Gopis. Every Gopi felt that Krishna was only singing and dancing with them and not with others. The cuter part of the episode was that Krishna himself indulges in ‘Rasleela with Radha’!

Sri Krishna Leelas (5 of Many)

Draupadi episode
When the Pandavas lost everything, including themselves to Duryodhana in the game of dice – a plan ill-devised by Shakuni; in the heat of moment Yudhistra also loses his wife Draupadi in the game. In order to disgrace her, Duryodhana orders his brother Dusshasan to remove Draupadi's saree. Draupadi after seeing Pandavas’ head hanging in helplessness chants ‘Krishna, Jai Shree Krishna, Hey Krishna’ and surrenders to the Lord by lifting both her hands in prayer. Lord Krishna answers her prayers and to everyone’s surprise in the court, as Dusshasan starts disrobing Draupadi, the saree fails to be stripped fully. After trying for long to disrobe, Dusshasan who was dubbed to have power of 10,000 elephants failed, as Krishna Leela prevailed.

Sri Krishna Leelas (6 of Many)

Krishna advises Bheema to eliminate Jarasandha
Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadha, was a powerful king. Once, he had imprisoned 95 kings and needed five more to perform a Yagna, which he thought would make him win the powerful Yadav army. The captive Kings managed to pass on their message of their imprisoned condition. Krishna in order to eliminate Jarasandha, devised a clever plan. He made Bheema wrestle with Jarasandha. The fierce battle ensued for 14 days, and with no end near Bheema looked up to Krishna for help. Krishna picked up a stick, tore it and threw it away. Bheema got the hint and tore Jarasandha’s body and threw it away. Jarasandha’s body got attached like a Terminator, which baffled Bheema. He again looked at Krishna. Krishna did the same thing, but Bheema noticed something. He saw that Krishna threw the parts of torn stick in opposite directions. Bheema did the same and won the battle.

Sri Krishna Leelas (7 of Many)

Krishna and Sudama
When Krishna was the King of Dwaraka, an old childhood friend Sudama paid him a visit to seek help from abject poverty. Krishna treated him with ultmost respect and when Sudama returned home, he found that his hut had turned into a royal mansion and his family had everything they could ask for. Since Sudama had nothing to give his friend, he had carried only a bag of beaten rice given by his wife. To this day, this simple dish is offered to Krishna on Janmashtami.

Sri Krishna Leelas (8 of Many)

Cleverly plays with clouds to hatch a plan for Jaydratta
Jaydratta was the King of Sindhu Kingdom. In the course of the Mahabaratha war, when Arjuna learns that Jaydratta was the cause of his son Abhimanyu’s death, he pledges to kill Jaydratta next day in the battle, failing which he’ll sit on the pyre of fire. As the sunset nears next day, Jaydratta hides in the army camp and waits for the sunset. Krishna gets to know the intention of Jaydratta. Krishna cleverly moves clouds over the setting Sun, which makes everyone in Kaurava camp happy. Jaydratta comes out of his hiding and taunts Arjuna of his pledge. Just as when Jaydratta comes out, Krishna moves away the clouds in front of the sun and Arjuna finally slays Jaydratta.
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